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Suggested lawn care packages

Fertilizing Package

  • 4 regular fertilizer applications
    1. early spring
    2. late spring
    3. summer
    4. late fall

Package add-ons

  • Aeration
  • Power raking / de-thatching
  • Seed and feed fertilizer application
  • Winter care fertilizer application


All packages and services are in accordance with I.P.M. Principles and the Ontario Pesticide Ban. All mixtures are prepared by an Ontario licensed landscape exterminator.

Lawn maintenance program

large property mowing
Mowing and maintenance of any size property.

Programs begin the last week of April and conclude mid to later October.

There is an additional fee for seasonal bagging of grass clippings per visit

Weekly 6-month program

  1. weekly mowing, trimming and blowing
  2. 25 consecutive, weekly visits
  3. monthly edging of driveway and walkway

Bi-weekly 6-month program

  1. bi-weekly mowing, trimming and blowing
  2. 13 consecutive, bi-weekly visits
  3. monthly edging of driveway and walkway

See Guidelines for more details

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Bulk Grass Seed Available

sodding and repair of lawn
Sodding and repair.

Your choice of Canadian grown grass seed blends only $3.75 / lb.

Save 15% on orders over 10 lbs.
Delivery and HST included.

ladybug NOTE: standard application rate for over-seeding is 2-3 lbs per 1,000 ft2. For patch repair or new lawn seeding, 5–7 lbs per 1,000 ft.

Common grass seed blends:

Super Shade Mix

  • Great for heavily shaded areas
  • 30% creeping red fescue
  • 20% POA trivialis
  • 30% perennial ryegrass
  • 20% chewing fescue

Premium Plus Mix

  • Good mixture for all soil types or over-seeding
  • 40% Kentucky Blue Grass
  • 40% creeping red fescue
  • 20% turf type perennial ryegrass


  • Excellent for sandy soils, drought tolerance or over-seeding
  • 60% titanium LS tall fescue
  • 15% chewing fescue
  • 25% stellar perennial ryegrass

Specialty blends like Clover, Bent Grass, Sports Blend and many more also available. Inquire with a TLC representative.

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